Plug & Play: 3ABN in a Box
A thrilling new device has just been launched that will make 3ABN available to many more viewers around the world! It's called Internet Protocol Television (or IPTV for short), and it's rare for such a small device to cause such excitement!

Now you can take 3ABN with you wherever you go: when you move, travel, stay in a hotel room, or even vacation overseas. All you need is a high speed internet connection, and a TV set. No computer, no satellite dish, nothing else at all.

The device is available through Media Opportunities IPTV (or MOIPTV), an independent company which will provide 3ABN English, 3ABN Latino, and Loma Linda Broadcasting, along with other secular channels to its subscribers.

“It really changes the way that viewers watch TV because it gives them flexibility they've never had before,” explains Moses Primo, 3ABN's Director of Broadcast Operations and Engineering. “It's a “Plug & Play” device, and it's very simple to use. You literally plug it into your high speed Internet connection, plug it into your TV set, and you're done. Your channels and menus are all accessible through your remote control, exactly as you would use it with your TV set.”

There are many features to this new device, and more will be added in the future. Perhaps the most exciting feature is that you can watch, ‘On Demand,' anything that 3ABN has shown in the past 48 hours! That means that if you're late coming home one night, you can call up any program within the last two days and watch it in its entirety – on your schedule, when you want to.

MOIPTV is currently in negotiations with several more content providers that should be added in the near future.

So far the MOIPTV system is available in the United States , throughout Europe , and also in some Asian countries. “We are working as fast as we can to get licenses to sell the systems in all the countries of the world in the near future,” Moses adds.

The cost for this service is very modest. The receiver costs US$149.00 one time only, and a monthly subscription costs only US$14.99. Equipment and service orders can be made by calling 3ABN during regular business hours at (800) 752-3226, or by logging on to MOIPTV's website:

“I am amazed with this wonderful new tool God has placed in our hands,” Moses says. “This truly is the last step that will virtually eliminate the restrictions we've experienced in getting the gospel into all the world!”